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About the Punisher

Sharay Hayes: The Punisher

The Punisher: Why and How I became a Male Stripper

Lets start with the why... It starts with me and my High School sweetheart. We actual had one of those story book, together forever relationships going on and like most young guys...I was a sucker and in love! 3 years later my sweetheart comes home and tells me she going to start working as a waitress in a female stripclub! Like any boyfriend...I had an heart attack, but I was in we stayed together. After about a 6 months, my sweetheart came home with some bad news. After working in the club and meeting all kinds of men..she no longer wanted to be tied down and she dumped me! I was heart broke..So what does most young heartbroken guys do?? You try to make your girl jealous. So I felt, if I become a male stripper, she would feel the way I felt and maybe she'll want me back...........Didn't quite work out that way but I sure aint mad with the outcome! LOL!

he Punisher How I became an Exotic Dancer

I played basketball in New York City at The Cage on west 4th street. At the park everyone has a nickname that describes your style of play or character, thus I was nicknamed "The Punisher". Playing one day I was introduced to a guy that was a very popular male stripper in NYC. I asked him to help me get into the business and we made a deal that I would sell him my $2000 laptop for $300 bucks and he'll get me in the business. The catch was after 30 days in the business if it wasn't for me, he would give me my laptop top back. Later that day I met up with him and he took me with him to work. We went to 6 different parties full of crazy,horny women! It was bananas! By the end of the night I told him keep the laptop and the $300 bucks! LOL!l

The Punisher/ How I Got On Reality TV

All thanks to my boy Butter. He's a very funny basketball commentator in the NYC area. One of the Vh1 casting agents took notice to him and suggested he come in for a casting. Just so happens on his way to the casting he called me and invited me to come with him before we went to play basketball. So we went down together and after meeting the casting director I was in the top 20 for the flavorette of love(I love New York). As I packed and made arrangements to be filming, I got a call from casting saying they were cutting the number of guys but they would use me in the future...(Thanks Butter! Not many people bring there friends to castings! Thats a true friend)

The Punisher/ I Love New York 2

After the success of I love New York season 1, casting kept their word and reached out to me for Season 2. At this time I unfortunately had a girlfriend and this was going to be tough, but you don't turn down oppurtunities like this! So I did my casting video and was placed on the online voting part of the casting. It was 3 different rounds of the online casting and you had to upload a video to be eligible for the next round. I may have been over confident(because of multiple meetings with casting) and didn't focus on the online process and was cut from the process. It sucked, but don't think the time was right for me on that show.

The Punisher/ Megan wants a millionaire After 2 failed castings on Vh1 shows, finally the perfect fit arrived. From previous footage, casting knew I was a pretty successful guy and I may be eligible for a new show called Thropy Wife(Megan wants a millionaire). After an extensive casting process I was picked for the show which was a dating show to win the hand of Ms Megan Hauserman a beautiful reality star looking for love. The show was one of the best experiences of my life. Although I wasn't actually the winner (runner up), Megan and I hit it off and begin dating shortly after filming. Unfortunately, not a happy ending. More Punisher and Megan Q&A coming soon.


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